Chuck and Jed's V-Poems

Monday, February 14, 2005

Welcome To The Home Of St. Valentine

Blessed reader:

The poems that follow are an exploration and an affirmation of the glory of human love. For ten years, Chuck and I have striven to find the truth. Yet, somehow, that truth has proven elusive to us. These poems are our best and latest efforts to bring to you, our readers, the truths that we have come to know through our tireless and endless search. Enjoy.

Valentine's Lullaby

In the second month
the fourteenth day dims.
A frozen shadow grows o'erhead
casting black the Lovers' gaze.
Senseless in their headlong haze
to the icy whisper they will not hear:
The siren song of Valentine
Sung through lips, raw sores incarnadine -
Come to me, my love,
My downey pillow,
My tomb...

For interpretive reading by Jed with piano accompaniment by Chuck click below: