Chuck and Jed's V-Poems

Wednesday, February 14, 1996

Black Wednesday

A lizard, splayed out in the February swelter, patiently awaits its next meal on a rock in my garden.
But it is not this particular saurian presence that explains the lasting chill in the transient sunshine. No!
'Tis Valentine's Day,
And surely the lecherous, green serpent Valentine lurks in the Garden as well.
Today, Cupid, with hot-pants and a twelve inch Dildo, in the employ of the demon Valentine
Embarks yet again to seduce the masses into Valentine's love induced stupor.
And in the ensuing saturnalia , Valentine, that pernicious Pimp, from the ignorant lovers exacts his eternal payment :
All Happiness; All Hope.
I witness from the corner of my eye the terrible instant flash when tongue meets flesh. Two bulbous, reptilian eyes awake as those of his victim, a passing fly, explode in a death grip.
The lizard kills its prey. Oh yes!
Our Saint leaves a hollow shell.